March 29, 2020


So I am going to word this the best way possible and I want you to keep in mind that I am super happy with my decision with what I am about to tell you. In 2 weeks I will be closing the doors on my homewares and gallery store in Mornington@dots.plus.home (don’t worry@dotsbydonna will definitely still be running). This reason came about for many reasons… Firstly, last year my amazing dad was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer, this rocked me to my core and I instantly wanted to close the store there and then to spend my time with him. However my dad being his amazing self has continued on with his days like the average human (super human in my eyes) and his will power has been amazing. With my lease not being up, I kept hanging on to the store but started to resent it for all the time it took away from my life with not only my dad but my family.

Many of you have mentioned to me in passing that I am always so busy and you’re right, I am. If I am not at a weekend market, I am at the store. With my children growing up quickly, I no longer want to miss a thing! I want to do all of the weekend activities that they were too little to do when I opened the store. My priorities have changed and I feel like its my time, after 3 years to close the doors and say goodbye to bricks and mortar retail and hello to my life and happiness.

So the store will close in roughly 2 weeks but I need your help!! Please I would like you to pop in to my store and do your Christmas shopping. I have reduced everything in store - up to 50% off, with homewares and damaged market stock starting from $5!!! There will also be 20% off all DBD prints (this is also available online now and will come up automatically at the checkout). However if you could please come in store as the first preference, I would really appreciate it. Open 11-3 daily

Note: if ordering framed prints, we are expecting an 8 week turn around on frames- due to a timber shortage. We will get these orders out asap.
After the store closes- DBD will be back to the way it was before the store opened- being ran from my studio at home 👌🏻 Pls be happy for me. Back to a work life balance 🙏🏻💗


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